Complete Home Solar Energy System

Geneverse empowers energy independence worldwide, offering complete home solar energy systems that include rooftop installations, solar gardens, and even solar balconies. Our reliable products and creative solar solutions make self-sustainable power available for every home, with the flexibility to meet homeowners’ power needs today and in the future.

Rooftop Solar Energy System


Enjoy energy independence with IBC Rooftop Solar and the Geneverse PowerPillar Energy Storage System. High-efficiency IBC solar panels with over 60kWh of energy storage from the PowerPillar ESS can provide ample power for every home.  

Balcony Solar Energy System


Go sustainable with IBC Balcony Solar paired with the Geneverse HomePower PRO Series. Lightweight and efficient, our PRO Series portable solar generators are the perfect solution for apartment owners. Harness solar energy without sacrificing space or aesthetics.

Garden Solar Energy System


Upgrade your garden with the Geneverse Solar Pergola and Geneverse HomePower PRO Series. This sleek pergola has a pure black IBC solar ceiling that generates power and a shade screen for improved comfort.


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