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Up To 7 Days of Emergency Power

Our Indoor-Safe Power Stations and Solar Generators keep home devices fully charged and operational for days on a single charge.
Geneverse battery backup power is ideal for home appliances, electronic communication and medical devices, security systems, and more. 

Solar Generator

The Most Reliable & Affordable Backup Power Designed for Every Home

Game Changing Backup Power
For A New Kind of Energy Independence

Turn it on, plug in, and you have power!

7 Days
of Essential Power

Bring you the power of peace of mind
in any emergency.

Supports 99%
of Home Appliances

2200W of rated power,
Up to 2419Wh of capacity.

Renewable Energy

Dual ultra-fast recharge

by Solar, AC or your car.

Reliability & Safety

Certified energy efficiency & safety

with a 5-Year Warranty.

Be Prepared For Any Emergency Situation, Anywhere.

Reliable. Sustainable. Versatile.
Let Geneverse power you through the present day and the future.

Get Your Geneverse Today

so you don't have to worry about tomorrow

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