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Up To 7 Days of Emergency Power

Keeps your choice of home devices fully charged and operational for up to 7 days on a single charge.
Compatible with home appliances, electronic communication and medical devices, security systems, and more.

Geneverse HomePower ONE
Geneverse HomePower ONE for home appliances
Geneverse HomePower ONE for office
Geneverse HomePower ONE for medical devices
Geneverse HomePower ONE for tools

Solar Generator

Backup Battery Power Station + Portable Solar Panels

Geneverse Solar Generators
Geneverse HomePower Backup Battery Power Station

HomePower Series

Backup Battery Power Station

Find light even in the darkest times with the most reliable backup battery power station for your home. Made for any emergency.

SolarPower Series

Portable Solar Panel

Get the most out of nature with the efficient solar panel power generator for your home. Stay prepared through the unknown.

Geneverse SolarPower Solar Panels

Be Prepared For Any Emergency Situation, Anywhere.

Reliable. Sustainable. Versatile.
Let Geneverse power you through the present day and the future.

Geneverse Solar Generators

Get Your Geneverse Today

So you don't have to worry about tomorrow.

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