PowerPillar Solar Energy System

The Geneverse PowerPillar is a DC-coupled system that makes energy storage accessible to every home. Our simplified system design and installation offers scalable power with fewer components. While our integrated smart energy management options let homeowners realize a faster return on their investment. Simply put, the PowerPillar ESS is the most cost-efficient solar energy storage system for installers and homeowners on the market.

Fewer Components. Lightweight Modules. Faster & Safer Installation.

Designed To Help You Sell More Solar

The PowerPillar's Hybrid Inverter features a built-in Automatic Transfer Switch, reducing costs by minimizing the number of components needed for installation. The additional Power Control System helps meet NEC rules and export regulation limits without costly and time intensive electrical upgrades. Fewer change orders and components lead to lower overall costs and faster installations compared to competitors.

In our experience, fewer surprises, lower costs, and faster installations generate happier customers and better business.

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