Geneverse Leads the Way in Bringing Renewable Energy to Disaster-Stricken Communities


Geneverse’s Efforts to Restore Power to the Community Impacted by Hurricane Ian Have Been Honored by the 49th Annual Southeast EMMY Awards


Geneverse, in creative partnership with The Brandon Agency, has been honored with an EMMY win for Short Form Content at the prestigious 49th Annual Southeast EMMY Awards.


The emotionally impactful video that won the award portrays the devastating damage inflicted by Hurricane Ian on Southwest Florida, documenting the significant impact of Geneverse's donation of solar generators to the affected community.


Founded in 2019 and headquartered in San Francisco, Geneverse offers a comprehensive range of the most cost-efficient solar energy storage solutions for homes, including compact indoor-safe solar generators and portable solar panels that are crucial during power outages and emergencies.


Distributed through the community network of the Diocese of Venice and the client network of NexGen Restoration & Roofing, Geneverse donated more than 125 solar generators (valued at $235,000) to families and individuals to help restore power to their crucial home devices, keep their food fresh, and connect with loved ones. One donation recipient had been forced to use his car to power his oxygen machine for weeks, and now had an independent power source at his fingertips that he could run safely inside his home.


By documenting these relief efforts, Geneverse aims to raise awareness about the crucial significance of sustainable and reliable energy solutions while affirming its commitment to corporate social responsibility. As a company founded in the aftermath of the Northern California Wildfires, Liang and the entire team share a core value of supporting those in need.


Check out the EMMY winning video here:


Geneverse Goes Beyond Business to Support
Communities In Need

Geneverse Solar Generators have been donated to STEM programs of the Las Vegas public school system, the robotics program at North Carolina A&T, the 5 Gyres Institute/ Leap Lab Dinosaur Dig in Wyoming, and Project Petals Queens, NY community gardens. Geneverse has also supported Florida Fin Fest and artist Benjamin Von Wongwith untethered, sustainable power for their projects benefiting the environment.


Geneverse has also supported the work of the Houston Food Bank after the Texas freeze and the Harry Chapin Food Bank in Florida after Hurricane Ian.


In the aftermath of the Russian strike in Ukraine, Geneverse stepped in to provide solar generators to power SpaceX’s Starlink to ensure that local and national police were able to stay in contact and provide safety and security to civilians. This combination of technology has established a new means of staying connected during conflict, and kept Ukrainian citizens and businesses online, and helped troops to communicate with each other on the battlefield and even enabled the operation of drones. Of the satellite internet service, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna said: “Our government has been able to be operational because I had Starlink over my head. This has been a turning point in our survival.”


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