Solar Generator

Reliable and Affordable Emergency Backup Power for Your Home

What is a solar generator?

A solar generator is an alternative power source that uses the sun’s rays as electricity. Solar panels capture the sun’s energy, convert it into electricity, and store it in a backup battery power station for immediate or later use. The power harnessed from the sun and stored in the portable power station can supply your home with electricity during a power outage or emergency situation.

How do solar generators work?

Charge or Harness the Sun's Energy

Charge the backup battery power station from a solar panel, AC outlet, or carport.

Store Electricity for Up to One Year

When fully charged, the HomePower 2 can store and hold the power for at least a year.

Power Your Home Appliances

Power your devices from the stored energy by connecting them to your power station.


A solar generator usually includes solar panels and a backup battery power station. The solar panels collect the sun’s rays and convert it into energy, which is then stored in the backup battery power station. The backup battery power station supplies electricity to other devices and appliances via the standard AC output (110V) and various DC outputs (USB-A, USB-C, car outlet) when power is needed.


Geneverse’s SolarPower 2 offers 50% higher solar power conversion efficiency, allowing you to harness and convert the sun’s rays in less time. Paired with our HomePower 2 backup battery power station, you have the ability to power a wide range of home appliances and devices.

What devices and appliances can a solar generator power?

A single charge allows you to power your essential devices for up to one week. The HomePower 2 brings emergency power to your cell phone, home appliances, medical devices, cameras, security systems, repair tools, and so much more!

Up to 7 Days of Essential Power

* The chart above visualizes how you can best use your HomePower 2 when facing a power outage. Each line explains the average wattage range of a supported home device, and how long the HomePower 2 would be able to power that one device on a single charge, abiding by our assumed average usage times. Note, if you choose to power more than one device on a single charge of your HomePower 2, your battery supply will drain sooner than the noted total usage time frame.

Why should I choose Geneverse?

The Most Affordable Backup Power for Every Household

Geneverse offers a solution that is one-tenth (1/10) of the cost of its industry competitors. An investment in Geneverse products has no subsequent usage cost, meaning no additional gas or fuel is required.

Better, Safer, Easier

Unlike gas generators, Geneverse do not emit gas or harmful substances. They are 100% safe for indoor use. They are quiet, running without noise. And, they are easy to use! Geneverse do not require installation or learning - simply take it out, turn it on, plug in your device and you have power!

Reliably Safe

Includes 6 built-in protection modules in the battery management system (BMS). Every unit undergoes 52 reliability and safety tests and is covered by a 5-year limited warranty. Energy efficiency and safety have been tested and certified by the U.S. Department of Energy, California Energy Commission, Federal Communications Commission, and the United Nations 38.3 Transport Safety Standard.

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