9 Benefits of Having a Backup Power Supply in your Home

If you’ve ever stopped to think about just how much of your day revolves around electrical power, you know how much of an inconvenience a power outage or lack of power source can be. With help from a portable power station, you never have to worry about losing your ability to power your devices, no matter where you are or what may be happening around you.

A portable power station, or a backup battery power generator, is a compact, portable power generator that can supply your family with electricity wherever you may be, whether home during a power outage or emergency situation, or out on the road without connection to a power source. Power generators store electricity in its battery that can power the household appliances and devices of your choosing. Here are nine ways your family can benefit from having the HomePower ONE in your home.

A mother and daughter read a book in a tent, with a picture of the Generark Solar Generator overlaid.

1. Keep Security Systems Running

A lot of people may be so preoccupied with the other hassles of losing power that they do not even think about the fact that their security systems no longer work without a power source. The HomePower ONE is fully equipped to keep your security system up and running until the power turns back on. This is just one more step you can take to feel safer in your home, or to be confident in your home’s security should you need to evacuate. 

2. Power Kitchen Appliances

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage when you really need to start preparing your family’s next meal, you understand the stress of opening the refrigerator and trying to cook without access to electricity. With a portable power station like our HomePower ONE, you can keep your kitchen functioning as normal during any length of a power outage. Power your refrigerator to keep all your perishables fresh, use the microwave and other countertop electrical appliances, and even easily clean up with the dishwasher. 

A man and woman drink coffee and chat in the kitchen the Generark HomePower powers kitchen appliances on the counter.

3. Charge Communication Devices

Power outages are not always caused by severe weather, and can sometimes catch us entirely off-guard. When this happens, it can quickly ruin a day that was supposed to be filled with work-from-home, school or homework, or even well-deserved relaxation. The HomePower ONE can charge and power your electronic devices for up to seven days on a single charge, allowing you to stay connected to the latest news and your loved ones.

4. Power a TV

Whether there’s a power outage or not, the HomePower ONE can power a TV to bring entertainment anywhere. If there’s a blackout and you need to entertain yourself or the kids, plug a TV into the HomePower ONE. You can even use the portable power station to power a TV anywhere in your home, like outdoors for a movie night under the stars or in a kid’s bedroom fort. 

5. Regulate Temperature

If a power outage strikes in the dead of summer or winter, it can be especially dangerous for the young, sick, or elderly to stay in a home without AC or heat. The HomePower ONE can power a space heater for cold nights or a fan for humid days, ensuring that everyone stays as safe and comfortable as possible.

6. Confidently Use Medical Devices

If someone in your household relies on an electronic medical device, the HomePower ONE can ease the stress of not knowing when the power will turn back on. The backup battery power station can power a CPAP machine, oxygen concentrator, and even a breast pump. Keeping a backup generator in your home can ensure that all your family members can be properly cared for in the case of an emergency.

The HomePower ONE portable power station powers medical devices in a bedroom.

7. Operate Power Tools

Whether a hurricane knocked down branches or a winter storm piled storm inches high in the driveway, the HomePower ONE can be helpful when you have to head outside to clean up whatever mess has come. Since the backup battery power station is completely portable, you can take it outside to be used anywhere in your yard where you may need a power source, even when there hasn’t been a power outage. When used in intervals of 60 minutes, the HomePower ONE can power electric tools under 1000W for up to seven days.

8. Extend Your Living Space 

The Geneverse (formerly Generark) Solar Generator can even be used on a regular day you’re not experiencing a power outage. Instead of being confined to the community areas of your home like the kitchen or family room, you can bring electricity and power to anywhere on your property. With the HomePower ONE, you can extend your WiFi connection and charge your laptop from anywhere, allowing you to take work-from-home to the backyard for fresh air, watch workout videos in the privacy of the basement, and anything in between.

The HomePower ONE portable power station sits on a rock in a wooded area.

9. Set Up a Home Office 

The HomePower ONE gives you the ability to set up your home office anywhere it is most convenient for you, whether or not there is a power outage. Using the portable power generator as your power source instead of a wall outlet gives you the freedom to set up your electronics anywhere in the room without being tied down based on the location of an outlet. Plus, you can eliminate the trip hazards from extension cords!


With help from Geneverse (formerly Generark) and the HomePower ONE, you can bring a portable power source anywhere in or out of your home. Stay connected to work or family even in a power outage and create sources of entertainment by powering TVs and other electronics. Keep the family safe and happy by keeping the kitchen and security system up and running, and power life-saving medical devices at home! There are many ways to use the Geneverse (formerly Generark) Solar Generator. Learn more about how to make the most of your purchase on our blog

About Geneverse: Geneverse (formerly Generark) is the most reliablesolar generator and source of emergency backup power for your home and community. From theHomePower backup battery power station providing portable access to electricity, to theSolarPowersolar panels as a source for recharging, never be disconnected from what matters most to you. Learn more about how Geneverse and its industry-leading 5-year limited warranty can bring protection and security to your family ongeneverse.com. Never face a power outage alone, and power your home with a solar generator from Geneverse

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