Customer Interview Q&A: Geneverse in Matagorda County, TX

Geneverse (formerly Generark) loves hearing about how our customers utilize our products to power the present and the future. We understand that our products are often used during emergency scenarios but our customers also find creative ways to use our products and solutions in their everyday lives.

Geneverse in Action in Hurricane Zones

We love communicating with our customers as a way to learn more about them but to also learn about how we can help our customers power their way into the future. We use these valuable interviews we conduct with our customers to help make our solar generators even better, whether it’s our HomePower ONE, HomePower 2, or the exciting new products we have in mind for the days, weeks, and years to come.

Read on for some valuable information from one of our satisfied customers about how they use and benefit from our HomePower ONE. This is a customer who lives in a hurricane zone in south coastal Texas who has had to live without electricity in the past as the result of hurricanes and heavy thunderstorms. Read on to learn about one customer’s experience with our solar generator and their story about how we provide superior reliable, renewable energy solutions.

One Customer's Story

Read on to learn more about one of our customers sharing a little about themselves and their experiences with our HomePower ONE unit.

Where do you live?

A rural community in Matagorda County, TX

Do you have solar panels installed on your home? If not, would you ever consider it?

No, I do not have solar panels – I have a lot of trees so I don’t know if it would be feasible for me to use them.

How many people are in your household? What are their age ranges? 

Two – we’re a retired couple over 65

What do you do for a living/what industry do you work in? 


Which Geneverse (Formerly Generark) products did you purchase?

HomePower ONE.

Why did you decide to purchase a backup battery power station?

We are in a hurricane zone of south coastal Texas and have been without electricity in the past from hurricanes and/or heavy thunderstorms.

What made you choose Geneverse (Formerly Generark)?

I had been researching and came across a review on YouTube that impressed me.

Do you consider yourself to be a tech-savvy person? How was your experience setting up the products for their first use?

No,I do not consider myself a tech-savvy person. However, I had no problem using the SolarPower One – just made sure it was charged up and then plugged an appliance in it and it worked!

How many times have you used your products since their arrival? Has it only ever been during a blackout?

I have not had to use our HomePower ONE during a blackout or personal electrical outage as of this time. I have used it in different rooms in my home to see how it would work with the electrical products that I have. Examples include computer, fans, lamps, cell phones, heater, refrigerator, hot plate, etc. It worked very well for these situations, so I am ready when an outage does occur!

Tell us about any unique ways you have or plan to use your Generark generators. Have you used it outside of your home or within your community, like while camping, for example?

The main reason for my purchase was to be able to run my refrigerator if I was without electricity from storm/hurricane outages. Knowing I have the HomePower One has given me ease of mind during even milder storms in our area.

We went through the severe cold spell in south Texas with no electrical power for 4 days a couple of years ago – that could happen again and I wanted to have a resource besides an outside generator that I could use inside the house. As long as we have even a little sunshine, we would be able to recharge our unit as needed. I get enough sunlight on my deck to use the solar panels to recharge our unit, so I didn’t even have to use the solar panels out in the yard – that was an unexpected bonus! It only took 4 or 5 hours to recharge – I think next time I will start recharging before the battery gets too low.

What devices and home appliances have you powered with your Geneverse (Formerly Generark) products?

The kitchen refrigerator, a smaller stand-up freezer in the utility room, a crockpot and a one burner hotplate.

What do you consider to be the best feature or benefit of your Generark products?

Definitely the ease of use!

What is one thing you would tell anyone who hasn’t yet purchased a backup battery power station?

I like my HomePower ONE better than any generator because I can have it inside the house and move it from room to room. I also like using the solar panels instead of pouring gas into a generator since I don’t have a place outside to protect me from the rain storms – of course I would have to have some sunlight! This solar station can also be used in apartments and small tiny homes or RV’s – even a tent!

I also like that the HomePower One keeps a charge for a LONG TIME – I don’t have to worry about keeping it plugged in all the time to keep it charged.

From Crockpots to Laptops and Refrigerators, Power Your Essential Needs with Geneverse!

We thank our customers for giving us valuable feedback that we use to constantly improve our products, which powers our evolution into the future.

Geneverse is always here to support our customers during times of emergency. Our HomePower ONE unit can be used indoors or outdoors -- and you never have to worry about paying for petrol.

Our products can be used during any emergency but our customers use them in their daily lives as well. As we grow and continue to expand, our ultimate goal is to transform centralized energy distribution systems. Geneverse is here to help facilitate a decentralized and distributed self-sustainable future.

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About Geneverse: Geneverse (formerly Generark) is the most reliable source of emergency backup power for your home and community. From the HomePower ONE power station providing portable access to electricity, to the SolarPower ONE as a source for recharging, never be disconnected from what matters most to you. Choose the size of Solar Generator perfect for you and your family. Learn more about how Geneverse and its industry-leading 5-year limited warranty can bring protection and security to your family on our website. Never face a power outage alone with a backup battery generator and solar panel from Geneverse.

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