Featured Article: Authority Magazine

Anson Liang, the founder of Geneverse (formerly Generark), discusses with Authority Magazine the five things he wishes someone had told him before becoming a founder. This featured article not only sheds light on the creation of Geneverse (formerly Generark) along with its mission toward customers but provides some retrospective advice for any of you looking to be an entrepreneur. Check out the article here!


Here are Liang’s top five things to know before becoming an entrepreneur!

  1. Build a good team. You can’t do everything by yourself, no matter how good you are. You need to build a team of people you trust who have different talents and areas of expertise early on.
  2. Know how to delegate, and understand the importance of it. Trust that others can do things better than you can, and give them the space to do so.
  3. Make time for your family. No matter how busy you are, family is still very important. At the end of the day, family supports you throughout your journey no matter what.
  4. Understand your customer, the problem, and the pain point before building your product.
  5. Learn how to prioritize. In a startup or as a founder, there are thousands of things you need to handle, but figuring out which are the most important to get done first is imperative. Manage your time correctly by only completing the most relevant tasks yourself, and allow your team to tackle the rest. This is something you may need to be reminded of on almost a daily basis.

Most would assume his five wishes to cover more business-like topics but the emphasis here is relationships. A trusting relationship with your team and mentors, a loving relationship with your family, and a friendship with your customers. Beyond the brand are the people behind it.

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