Joe Daily's HomePower ONE Battery Unboxing & Review

Joe Daily’s on YouTube took the time to unbox and review our HomePower ONE and our SolarPower ONE for his viewers. Joe creates videos for Men’s lifestyle and more and likes to take the time to tech gear he’s wanted or products he feels his audience would enjoy. 

At the beginning of the video, Joe comments that he’s been wanting to review this product for quite some time, especially since he’d moved to the Midwest. Since moving, he’s come to realize the types of products like a generator he’d need in the Midwest as an adult versus a city like Los Angeles where he’d previously been living. He mentions being used to having minimal and infrequent power outages where the longest was maybe three or four hours but that’s not the case in his new state of Illinois. Ironically, during recording, Joe was experiencing a storm, the type of weather where you would generally lose power.

His initial draw to the Geneverse (formerly Generark) Solar Generator was the battery link and knowing how long the battery life would last, especially if he were to take a road trip for a few days and not have to recharge the battery all the time. Upon the first impression, he remarks the generator is “heavy, but for good reason.” He’s owned other portable batteries over the years but claims that Geneverse (formerly Generark) has one of the best designs he’s seen, “feels solid, feels really comfortable, feels like all the parts are where they’re supposed to be, doesn’t feel janky at all. That’s what I really loved about the first impression.” Other favorites were the USB-c ports, which are required to charge most of his technology, as well as the display on the front panel to always see what’s going on.

Joe takes the time to read over some of the products information on the website point out three he found the most important. First being every single Geneverse (formerly Generark) unit goes through 52 reliability and safety test, “ I think it’s important to know that they stress test their products. Even better though, it comes with a five-year warranty.” He found the warranty length to be pretty solid and practically unheard of. The second is how powerful the output is, “I think it’s important to know that this is going to back you up, and your family is going to be taken care of.” This mindset is the exact mission of Geneverse (formerly Generark) to provide power solutions to people and their families in an emergency. And last but not least, the easy charging abilities whether it’s from an AC outlet, the car or even the ability to use our Geneverse (formerly Generark) solar panels.

Take it from Joe himself, “I don’t know what else to tell you other than the fact that I love this product and I’m super happy to have it!” Please check out his video and his YouTube channel.

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