The Provident Prepper’s take on the Geneverse (formerly Generark) Solar Generator

Our favorite preppers have taken to putting our Geneverse (formerly Generark) Solar Generator up to the test! The Provident Preppers, Jonathan and Kylene, are a couple passionate about preparedness stemming from a love for their family and friends. They take their knowledge and personal experience to educate and inform others on being more prepared in an emergency situation. Don’t forget to check out their video for yourself!

They’d been getting lots of questions from viewers wanting to know how they might run critical equipment in times of emergency. This is because solar is a great alternative power source in emergency as it can allow a backup battery to charge even when household electricity isn’t available. Jonathon illustrates his enthusiasm for alternative energy sources like solar in his review with the wide variety of options.

Jonathan gives an overview of the Geneverse (formerly Generark) Solar Generator design by providing a breakdown of the front panel, its ease of use and access, and the ability to run several appliances simultaneously. He emphasizes the most important thing to remember about using a battery like this is its capacity. One should know how much power the critical needs in your home will use to know how long the power will last. He explains that the best way to understand this is by using a power consumption meter. Although Jonathon remarks that Generark was bigger than others he uses, he could “most certainly carry it a few blocks to help our a neighbor or throw it in the car very easily if we were to evacuate.”

His wife, Kylene, tested the generator by running what she considered one of her critical needs, her bread maker. The generator had no problem kneading the perfect batch of dough and used minimal capacity to do so. Jonathan was also able to use his induction plate on a lower setting through backup power using the solar generator. It’s not something he would typically use it for as it takes a large amount of energy, but he was very impressed that if he needed to, he could.

At the end of his video, he gives our generator a thumbs up and says, “whether it a long-term outage or short-term outage, you figure out what your critical needs are and how you’re going to meet those needs. More power to ya”

Keep up with The Provident Preppers on their website and youtube!

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