High Power Output
Automated Energy Savings
Fast Installation
Complete Energy Independence
PowerPillar Solar Energy System
The Geneverse PowerPillar was designed to be the most cost-efficient home energy storage system on the market, with several built-in features and components to reduce upfront and installation costs. The PowerPillar integrates solar power, battery storage, as well as grid and generator power sources to keep you protected in emergencies and help you get the most out of your energy storage investment – all at the most competitive pricing on the market.
Rethink Your Electric Bill
PowerPillar load shedding and time-of-use offsetting capabilities make it easy to benefit from your local net metering and grid service programs. Save or sell your power when it's most valuable to you.

PowerPillar Mobile App

Promote yourself to “grid manager” of your home’s energy production

Through Wi-Fi or 4G connection, the PowerPillar mobile app and data suite let you monitor real-time power output and usage data from your energy storage system. Control your energy savings preferences, evaluate usage trends, and prevent performance issues with alerts and support options – all from the palm of your hand.

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