Everything You Need to Know About the SolarPower 2 Solar Panels

The SolarPower 2 all-weather portable solar panels are just what your family needs to keep your home ready for any emergency. In addition to its lightweight and foldable design, allowing it to be easily set up in fewer than 30 seconds, its IP67 waterproof rating means it can withstand 1cm to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. The SolarPower 2 provides efficient, eco-friendly recharging for your HomePower 2 backup battery power station. You can charge your power station directly from the sun without emitting harmful gases or noises into the air. Its monocrystalline solar cells can fully charge your HomePower 2 in as little as three hours. What exactly does all this mean? Here’s everything you need to know about the SolarPower 2 and its key features. 

64 Monocrystalline Solar Cells 

Each SolarPower 2 solar panel contains 64 monocrystalline solar cells. Monocrystalline solar cells are made from a single crystal of silicon, resulting in higher efficiency. Other solar panel power generators use polycrystalline solar cells, made by melting fragments of silicon together, which are 50% more time to fully charge your power generator. 

The SolarPower 2 solar panels.

50% Higher Conversion Efficiency

Monocrystalline solar cells allow the SolarPower 2 to boast a 50% higher conversion efficiency than other solar panel power generators on the market. Place the solar panels in an open area with direct sunlight facing at a 90° angle for the best results, and fully charge your generator in as little as three hours!

The HomePower 2 backup battery gains energy from the SolarPower 2 solar panels.

IP67 Weatherproof Rating

The SolarPower 2 is made for all types of weather, boasting an IP67 waterproof rating. IP67 means the solar panels have protection against the effects of immersion in water between 1cm and 1 m, no greater than 3 feet. Although we recommend that you don’t purposely allow your solar panels to get wet, this waterproof rating means that an extra layer of stress has been removed from the backup power process. If the weather conditions change while you’re charging your generator, you have about 30 minutes to retrieve the solar panels from wet weather before you need to worry about long-term damage. 

The HomePower 2 and SolarPower 2 backup battery power station.

30-Second Setup

Geneverse (formerly Generark)’s SolarPower 2 still comes with a quick and easy 30-second setup! Fold up the panels and use the built-in carrying handle to bring them to the location where the sun is shining the brightest. Use the adjustable kickstand to achieve the best angle to soak up the sun, and you’re done!

A man plugs the HomePower 2 backup battery into the SolarPower 2 solar panels.


Keep your family prepared for any weather emergencies with the new SolarPower 2. Made for all weather conditions, the IP67 rating means it can withstand 1cm to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes. The monocrystalline solar cells allow it to charge your HomePower 2 50% faster than other solar generators. The lightweight, foldable design and adjustable kickstand take just 30 seconds to set up and begin soaking up the sun’s rays. In as little as three hours, your generator will be fully charged and ready for use!

About Geneverse: Geneverse (formerly Generark) is the most reliablesolar generator and source of emergency backup power for your home and community. From theHomePower backup battery power station providing portable access to electricity, to theSolarPowersolar panels as a source for recharging, never be disconnected from what matters most to you. Learn more about how Geneverse and its industry-leading 5-year limited warranty can bring protection and security to your family ongeneverse.com. Never face a power outage alone, and power your home with a solar generator from Geneverse.

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