How to Prepare for Blackouts

Power outages occur for a variety of reasons. Any sort of failure in the process of electricity delivery can cause a blackout. Reasons can vary from a shortage of generation, failure in the transmission system, or failure in power distribution systems.

However, weather is the most common cause of power outages. Weather that causes blackouts includes rain, icy conditions, high winds, lighting, and snow storms. A fallen tree can make contact with power lines, resulting in power outages. Wildlife is another common cause of power outages.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. citizen/customer needing electricity experienced overeight hours of power interruption in 2020, which was more than double the amount of time folks were without power compared to 2015.

With outages being more common, you might be looking for ways to properly prepare for a blackout or power outage. Below, Geneverse provides some tips and information that will help you stay ready for any adverse event that comes your way.

Make an Emergency Kit

Making an emergency kit and storing it in a place which everyone in your household is aware is an effective way to boost your preparedness.

When creating a kit be sure to include flashlights and batteries, candles, first aid materials, non-perishable food items, bottled water, petty cash, and perhaps fully-charged backup phone batteries in case you need to make contact with anyone.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends not only keeping at least one flashlight in your emergency kit, but also keeping a flashlight in each household member’s bedroom in case a blackout occurs at night.

Keep Crucial Devices Charged

Blackouts and other emergencies tend to happen at the least opportune times, so it’s important to try to keep yourself as prepared as humanly possible. Make sure to keep phones, laptops, and other smart devices as close to fully charged at all times. It’s also important to make sure that any at-home medical devices are fully operational as well.

Make a Disaster Plan

It might seem silly, but making a disaster plan and making sure that everyone in your household knows what to do when any emergency occurs is a great way to make sure that everyone is on the same page during a blackout.

Coordinate with everyone in the house to come up with a good disaster plan where everyone will be in position to respond accordingly. If you have children, make sure that they have a practical set of steps to conduct in the event of an emergency.

Invest in a Back-Up Power Source

In the event of a blackout, a back-up source of power will prove invaluable. Gas generators will get the job done, but then you have to worry about keeping fuel onhand, which is flammable. Gas generators are also not suited to be used in enclosed spaces.

If you’re looking for a greener and more renewable power source, Geneverse has you covered. We have solar generators available for individuals and entire households, providing up to 7 days of back-up power on a single charge. You can use Geneverse generators outdoors and indoors. Our generators can be charged via car, AC outlet, and with Geneverse solar panels. You can browse our extensive product offering here

Although blackouts and power outages are extremely inconvenient, you can still set yourself up for success during any emergency or disaster with intelligent planning and the proper tools.

About Geneverse: Geneverse (formerly Generark) is the most reliable source of emergency backup power for your home and community. From the HomePower ONE power station providing portable access to electricity, to the SolarPower ONE as a source for recharging, never be disconnected from what matters most to you. Choose the size of Solar Generator perfect for you and your family. Learn more about how Geneverse and its industry-leading 5-year limited warranty can bring protection and security to your family on our website. Never face a power outage alone with a backup battery generator and solar panel from Geneverse.

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