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As we continue to navigate through the final summer heat waves, it’s important to understand that fall can bring on its own brand of extreme climate and severe weather events
At Geneverse we believe in helping communities prepare themselves for emergencies, helping equip our customers with products that help them weather the storm when it comes to anything life throws at them. However, we also put our efforts and expertise into helping individuals and organizations that are making a difference.
During emergencies and severe weather events, it’s important to have a backup power source. If you experience a hurricane, having a plan and executing your plan properly will make a world of difference. Geneverse is here to help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances like hurricanes.
Power outages occur for a variety of reasons. Any sort of failure in the process of electricity delivery can cause a blackout. Reasons can vary from a shortage of generation, failure in the transmission system, or failure in power distribution systems.
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Texas news sources are reporting that there could be some major consequences to sweltering summer temperatures beyond simply sweaty, humid discomfort. Two power grid authorities (both the Texas power grid operator and ERCOT) have stated that the current heatwave puts extra stress on the power grid.
Did you know that summer storms can consist of a variety of violent weather types? The result ends up being strong winds, thunder, lightning, heavy rains, and hail that can do serious property damage and even cause injuries. Not only that, summer storms can affect crops and livestock as well.
Although it’s undoubtedly true that most of us look forward to warmer weather after trudging through the Fall and Winter seasons, it’s important to be cautious during such times. Temperatures have been rising and hot days are happening more frequently, so much so that many regions across the globe have been experiencing fewer cold days during the winter. 
Spring might be a time that symbolizes refreshment and rebirth, however, there are more than a few obstacles that nature might put us through during this time of transition.
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Having a sense of independence is a must for everyone. Nowadays, there are an astonishing number of products that help those who live with various disabilities to lead a rich and meaningful life. However, those with disabilities have special needs that need to be fulfilled. The more a person can meet their own needs, the more agency the person will have in the short and long term.
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You never know when an emergency may happen. The best gift you can give anyone is safety. These emergency preparedness gifts are great to think about when deciding what to get your loved ones for the holidays this year. Gifting your loved ones one of the following gifts will show them you care about their safety.
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September has come and gone, and with it the busiest month for hurricanes. But what does that mean for next year? Staying prepared is essential, and theHomePower 2 will help you through next year’s hurricane season.
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An important survival tip is to stay prepared for natural disasters life throws our way! Are you and your family prepared for natural disasters, such as wildfires? If not, Geneverse (formerly Generark) is here to help you be prepared for next year’s wildfire season!

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