Silver Cymbal Reviews Our New HomePower 2

Silver Cymbal took the time to review our new HomePower 2 with our new SolarPower 2 as a simple-to-use home power backup solution. Silver Cymbal makes videos on home improvements he completes for his own home in the hopes that others can use his content to do more for their homes as well. In this specific video, he takes a look into what makes the Geneverse (formerly Generark) HomePower 2 so unique and encourages his audience to take a look into if this is something they’d consider having for their homes.

He starts the video off and right away by saying, “now this has to be one of the coolest looking designs I’ve ever seen for a power station.” Everything about the HomePower 2 has been designed to be user-friendly including its size. The unit itself comes with a magnetic base it snaps into allowing anyone to slide it anywhere they may need in their home or to easily tuck it away when it’s not in use. If one does need to lift it from the base he explains that the top is a cushioned handle right in the center making it easy to balance. Silver Cymbal discusses one cool feature he likes about the unit, the night light feature. The user could always turn this off if they’d like but the color of the night light notifies the user of the battery percentage. For example, should it turn yellow or red the battery percentage is low and will need to be recharged soon.

According to him, the Geneverse (formerly Generark) HomePower 2 is one of the fastest charging units on the market. It has the ability to charge in an AC outlet without any need for an adapter and can charge from zero to one hundred perfect in only two and a half hours.

The unit comes in two versions, the standard version, and the plus. Silver Cymbal demonstrates the plus version meaning it can handle up to 800 watts of solar input. He goes in length to describe the design of the Solar panels and how quick and easy they are to set up. And although there are only two solar panel power inputs on the HomePower 2, you have the ability to take two panels and plug them into the splitter box allowing you to connect four at the same time for a charge. The panels themselves are weather-resistant so you can leave them out in the rain. If you had a disaster you can keep the generator in the house and run an extension cord to the panels keeping the unit charged and use it at the same time.

He was impressed with our product design being simple for everyone to use, “everything just plugs in and you can’t get it wrong.” And he only estimated approximately five minutes on set up and takedown. Visit our website for more information and how to use it with just a 30-second hassle-free setup!

If you’re looking into getting a backup power station for your home be sure to check out his video. You can also watch any of his videos on YouTube to discover how you can do more for yourself and your home.

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