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As we continue to navigate through the final summer heat waves, it’s important to understand that fall can bring on its own brand of extreme climate and severe weather events
During emergencies and severe weather events, it’s important to have a backup power source. If you experience a hurricane, having a plan and executing your plan properly will make a world of difference. Geneverse is here to help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances like hurricanes.
Geneverse HP1 PRO is easy to use and does not require assembly or installation. Right out of the box, your Geneverse is ready to work.
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Those of our customers who wish to get the most out of their solar generator might consider purchasing accessories that will help boost functionality and output. Here at Geneverse we are constantly looking to improve our existing products and develop new products that will help our customers reach complete energy independence.
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As July has come to a close and August gets into full swing, students around the country are preparing to go back to school. Whether you’re a K-12 student, undergraduate, or post-graduate student, it’s a good idea to have a strategy for getting back to the routine.
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Texas news sources are reporting that there could be some major consequences to sweltering summer temperatures beyond simply sweaty, humid discomfort. Two power grid authorities (both the Texas power grid operator and ERCOT) have stated that the current heatwave puts extra stress on the power grid.
No matter what region of the country you live in, the temperatures are getting hotter everywhere. In such scenarios a solar powered generator is often worth its weight in gold.
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Geneverse would like to take the time to go over some ways that our products can help make this Independence Day special.
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Did you know that summer storms can consist of a variety of violent weather types? The result ends up being strong winds, thunder, lightning, heavy rains, and hail that can do serious property damage and even cause injuries. Not only that, summer storms can affect crops and livestock as well.
Although it’s undoubtedly true that most of us look forward to warmer weather after trudging through the Fall and Winter seasons, it’s important to be cautious during such times. Temperatures have been rising and hot days are happening more frequently, so much so that many regions across the globe have been experiencing fewer cold days during the winter. 
Geneverse (formerly Generark) is very excited to make the announcement that we will be upgrading and evolving to Geneverse -- which will launch on 6/1/2022.
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When purchasing a reliable backup energy solution, it’s natural that you’d want to explore your options. A primary factor of making a great purchase that you will be happy with entails doing your own research to make sure that the product you buy is right for you. 
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