Top 3 Ways You Can Help Your Community with a Portable Power Supply

Geneverse (formerly Generark) doesn’t just aim to be your ark when facing a power outage or other emergency; Geneverse (formerly Generark) wants to allow you the opportunity to be the same for your whole community. Emergency backup generators like the HomePower ONE and SolarPower ONE put your family at an advantage when making it through a blackout. Not only can you keep the refrigerator running, your cell phones charged, and medical devices running, but you can be comfortable in the fact that your backup battery power supply will get you through until the power is back on.

A man carries the HomePower ONE portable power station and SolarPower ONE solar panel power station.

Here are three major ways you can use your HomePower ONE to help out your community after a weather emergency or power outage. 

Set Up a Charging Station

The device that may be easiest for the HomePower ONE, or even the SolarPower ONE, to charge is a USB-enabled device, like a cell phone. Many of your neighbors may be worried about not using too much of their phones’ battery while trying to communicate with family, stay up-to-date on the latest news, and keep their household entertained. The portable feature of our backup generators allows you to bring them outside or to a local community meet-up to let others charge up their devices. And if you choose to set up outside your home and let your neighbors come borrow some power, you can even recharge your power station while it’s in use with the SolarPower ONE using natural sunlight. You can even supply access to your wi-fi to let them check any information online.

The HomePower ONE portable power station is on a coffee table with a WiFi router, cell phone, and laptop plugged into it.

Help With Outdoor Cleanup

The HomePower ONE can also power electric tools, like power saws and drills. If your property is unscathed while your neighbors are facing property damage like fallen branches and debris, help out by offering to allow them to plug their power tools into the HomePower ONE. You can even lend a hand yourself and get the job done faster. If your community didn’t lose power, the portability of the HomePower ONE allows you to move it farther away from the house and electrical plugs to get even more work done with electrical tools, on any part of your property. You don’t have to worry about your cord reaching from the plug to where the work needs to get done! And while working outside, the SolarPower can keep your generator fully charged while in use.

A man plugs a power tool into the HomePower ONE portable power station.

Prepare & Pass Out Food

During a blackout, the HomePower ONE allows you to keep your refrigerator running and eliminates the risk of expired food. If your community is facing a prolonged power outage, odds are your neighbors are either not opening their refrigerators or their losing food to expiration. You can lend a hand by preparing meals and snacks to deliver to your neighbors so they can have a home cooked meal without worrying about the state of their fridge. If you’re not in need of the non-perishables you added to your emergency supply kit, you can even donate those to others in your community who may still be in need of them. (And then restock your kit for the next emergency!)

Sliced vegetables sit on the counter next to the HomePower ONE portable power station with a microwave, kettle, and slow cooker plugged into it.


With Geneverse (formerly Generark) as your ark after a blackout, you can now be your community’s ark. You can help your neighbors make it through the troubling time of a power outage by setting charging stations for phones, laptops, and other communication devices. Help out with clean up by bringing the HomePower ONE outside to power electric tools. With your refrigerator stocked and running, you can prepare food for neighbors without power or donate your non-perishables to those in need in the community. For more ways of how you can best use your HomePower ONE, click here. 

About Geneverse: Geneverse (formerly Generark) is the most reliablesolar generator and source of emergency backup power for your home and community. From theHomePower backup battery power station providing portable access to electricity, to theSolarPowersolar panels as a source for recharging, never be disconnected from what matters most to you. Learn more about how Geneverse and its industry-leading 5-year limited warranty can bring protection and security to your family Never face a power outage alone, and power your home with a solar generator from Geneverse.

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