Benefits of Adding Battery Storage to Home Solar

For individuals and households upgrading to solar energy, an important consideration is whether or not to include battery storage. Battery storage provides numerous benefits that will help solar system owners maximize their investments while taking a giant leap toward energy independence. 

Essentially, battery storage will help you store power produced by your solar energy system, which can be used down the road.

Battery Storage Explained

Even when you’re not using power, your solar energy system produces power. Solar energy systems typically overproduce energy during the day when homeowners and households use their power the least. Many individuals work during the day, although remote workers are the exception to this rule.

When you produce extra energy without battery storage, your surplus production will be back-fed to your nearest utility grid through NEM (Net Energy Metering).

With battery storage, your solar system charges up your battery instead of sending this extra power back to the grid. You can use this power during peak usage times when electricity rates are higher, or you can use battery-stored energy in the event of an outage or blackout.

Battery Storage Benefits

Although there are several benefits to adding battery storage for home solar power systems, we’ll focus on the top three benefits. First, battery storage provides you with backup power that can be used at a later time.

Second, battery storage provides time-of-use savings that will help you get the most out of your investment. Lastly, battery storage is a big step toward overall energy independence.

Backup Power

Battery storage promotes backup power – during grid outages as well as Planned Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS), which are increasingly becoming the norm. Solar paired with a battery system typically includes backup gateways that allow users to isolate from the grid. 

Time of Use Savings

Time of Use (TOU) rate plans typically entail peak charges for grid power in the afternoons and early evenings. Demand increases at times when people come home after a typical work day. 

With battery storage, you won’t have to back feed power when it is less valuable, and you can feed power into your during the evenings. This practice will drastically reduce the amount of power drawn from the grid, especially during peak hours.

Energy Independence

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, battery storage will allow you to use more of that clean energy you’re looking for.

Not opting for battery storage will have you sending a large percentage of your solar power to the grid, especially during the day. Conversely, you will also end up using unclean grid energy during evening hours.

Battery storage gives you the power to use clean energy all hours of the day if you wish. You can reduce your reliance on the grid while having the peace of mind that comes along with utilizing clean, green energy.

Although data continues to be gathered on the subject, it is widely stated that battery storage increases the average solar power user’s solar energy consumption by over 50%.

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