Introducing the New PowerPillar ESS – Power Your Home for Good

Geneverse is excited to announce our brand-new solar energy storage system that can power your home for good – the PowerPillar ESS. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring our customers the most cost-efficient solar energy storage system on the market, a product that is positioned to redefine energy storage system capabilities. 

The PowerPillar ESS can power your entire home, help minimize your utility bills, and help relieve the grid simultaneously.

The Most Cost-Efficient Solar Energy Storage System on the Market

The Geneverse PowerPillar is the most cost-efficient solar power system available, signifying a quantum leap in energy storage technology.

Below, we’ll go over the working parts of the PowerPillar ESS, which includes the PowerPillar battery unit, hybrid inverter, as well as our PowerPillar mobile app.

PowerPillar Battery Unit

Every PowerPillar battery unit we make provides 5kWh of capacity and is expandable for up to 20kWh of usable energy storage. Achieve total energy independence via parallel operation of three 20kWh battery towers for a maximum of 60kWh of home backup power.

PowerPillar Hybrid Inverter

Our hybrid inverter operates as the central hub for our PowerPillar system. The hybrid inverter acts as a conductor and all-in-one connector, automatically diverting power between on-grid or solar inputs into battery storage. You can power home appliances, devices, and medical equipment during everyday life and during unforeseen emergencies.

PowerPillar Mobile App

The PowerPillar ESS mobile app and data suite gives you the ability to monitor real-time power output, usage, and cost savings data from the ESS grid. You can select and control energy savings preferences, evaluate your home energy trends, and prevent unforeseen performance issues via alerts and product support options. Our mobile app is available for iOS or Android devices.

Geneverse Outpowers Our Competition

Competitors may imply that one unit will be sufficient for your needs. However, you might not end up having enough juice to back up common power-hungry appliances. 

In some cases, after entering a contract, you might discover that you need multiple units to power certain household essentials like air conditioners, water pumps, electric cooking ranges, washers & dryers, and water heaters.

Geneverse is here to help you avoid this situation. We designed the PowerPillar ESS so one unit is genuinely capable of backing up high-capacity home loads. The PowerPillar ESS comes in at a lower cost than our competitors, requires less components for installation, and boosts profit potential from excess solar production.

Regardless of the battery size you choose for your unique circumstances, our goal is to help save you from stress and ensure you don’t end up spending your hard-earned money on additional components and capacity.

Minimize Grid Reliance and Provide Grid Relief 

The PowerPillar ESS is the key to creating an off-grid “homestead” in one fell swoop. Not only will you achieve supreme energy independence, but you’ll also help reduce overall stress on the grid.

Our new complete home solar energy systems gives you absolute power and security, providing a reliable backup power supply for emergencies while being able to generate and provide all the power for your home and lifestyle needs during normal circumstances.

Get in touch with Geneverse today to learn more about how the PowerPillar ESS can provide you and your home with power for good.

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