5 Spring and Summer Natural Disasters to Be Prepared For

With summer comes hurricane season, winter brings snowstorms, and spring is synonymous with cleaning. However, it’s important to keep in mind that spring brings an influx of rainy weather to many regions, and with that can also bring weather emergencies like floods and tornadoes. Just because the saying goes that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, doesn’t mean you should let your guard down about preparing for weather events and natural disasters.  

While it’s perfectly normal to crave warm weather and want to soak up the sun, keeping your family and home protected should remain the top priority. Here are five weather emergencies to prepare for as we enter spring. 

Severe Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are probably the most common weather event people expect to experience in the spring. In fact, there are about 100,000 storms in the US alone, every year. Just about 10% of these storms are classified as severe, meaning they contain wind gusts of over 57 mph, tornadoes, or over an inch of hail. Thunderstorms are most common in the spring and summer, and typically occur in the afternoon or evening. 

A man holds an umbrella as he walks through the rain.


With the rain conditions, thunderstorms can cause severe flash flooding. Flash floods are the most common form of natural disaster, killing more people each year than hurricanes, tornadoes, or lightning strikes. Floods increase in frequency and intensity every year and are predicted to continue to rise due to climate change. Learn how to prepare for the possibility of a flood here, and if you’ve already experienced a flood, here are some tips to keep in mindbefore tackling the cleanup.

The image shows a flooded street with cars parked outside businesses.

Wind Gusts

Thunderstorms can often bring strong winds over 120 mph with the power to knock down trees, power lines, and even mobile homes and other vehicles. Gusty winds are most powerful between March and April, and can also trigger dangerous dust and firestorms. If accidental or careless burning occurs, dust storms can turn into firestorms, which can quickly turn into wildfires.


Tornadoes can produce winds of up 300 mph! The type of natural disaster can destroy everything in its path, from lawn furniture to trees and entire neighborhoods. About 1000 tornadoes are recorded in the US each year and their peak season is from March through May.

The image shows dark storm clouds over a field, with a tornado funnel in the distance.


While lightning can be seen during thunderstorms at any time of year, and sometimes even during snowstorms, lightning strikes are most common during storms in the spring and summer. It is also not uncommon for lightning showers to occur, even without any rainfall. Lightning can severely injure or kill those struck and strikes hitting land or structures can cause dangerous fires.


Just because the weather warms up doesn’t mean you can put the possibility of natural disasters to the back of your mind. Thunderstorms are most common in the spring, and even summer, months and bring with them a variety of other dangerous weather events. Wind gusts, flooding, tornadoes, and lightning strikes can be just as dangerous as any storm and should all be properly prepared for. Be sure to keep your emergency supply kits properly stocked at all times of the year and consider purchasing a backup battery generator like the HomePower ONE portable power station to keep your family protected during power outages. 

The image shows the HomePower ONE portable power station outside and plugged into a SolarPower ONE solar panel power station.

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