How Solar Power Brings Communities Together

Solar energy is proving itself to be much more than a source of renewable power – it’s actually a great catalyst for bringing communities together.

Solar power helps power entire households through the good times and through unforeseen circumstances. Yet solar energy also holds a great deal of potential when it comes to empowering a diverse set of communities.

Below, Geneverse goes over a few ways that solar power is bringing neighbors and communities together for the long haul.

The Economic Benefits of Solar

Households adopting solar can expect to see huge benefits in the form of significant savings on electricity, not to mention power ownership when incorporating battery storage. Federal tax credits help reduce upfront costs. In applicable states, state tax credits also help lower the initial cost of switching to solar power.

Not only this, solar power creates a variety of new jobs in areas like manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

Community Solar Programs

One of the more recent developments in solar power directly benefits communities – community solar programs. Community solar programs take a more innovative approach and help make renewable energy even more accessible for the masses. 

Community solar initiatives might take the form of solar gardens or shared solar. These initiatives provide solar benefits to multiple participants, often the product of a single shared solar array. Community solar programs offer opportunities for solar power to those who might not have been able to install individual solar power systems, either due to location or living situation (such as apartment and home renters, or homeowners with shaded rooftops.

Community solar projects also contribute to local tax bases, providing municipalities with added revenue that helps further fund essential services for all within the community. 

Building Stronger Communities Through Solar Power

In addition to economic benefits and community solar programs, solar power also strengthens neighborhoods and communities in a variety of ways.

Switching to renewable energy sources like solar power raises green energy awareness and environmental consciousness. In a most basic sense, those who adopt solar are setting a strong example for friends, acquaintances, and neighbors to follow as well. Adopting solar power is a great way to demonstrate social responsibility.

Solar power also helps individuals living in rural communities. Those who adopt solar with battery storage are less affected by outages, blackouts, and other obstacles that often come along with living in remote areas. Typically speaking, when people have abundance, they tend to share their abundance with others. Solar power sets the table and the tone for bringing people together in rural and remote areas.

Geneverse’s PowerPillar ESS

Solar power is one of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve true energy independence. By investing in solar power you will automatically reduce your reliance on the energy grid in addition to experiencing and/or promoting the many benefits listed above.

Here at Geneverse, we provide solutions that help power households for good. Our PowerPillar ESS is the most cost-efficient energy storage system available on the market. We have a keen interest in creating products and solutions that bring communities together. To learn more about who we are and how we can help you achieve true energy independence, contact Geneverse today!

About Geneverse: Geneverse is the most reliable and cost-efficient source for solar energy. Our PowerPillar ESS integrates solar power, battery storage, not to mention grid and generator power sources that help our customers get the most out of their energy storage investment – all at the most competitive pricing on the market. We craft complete home energy systems that power energy independence rain or shine in addition to portable solar products that provide decentralized power during emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Learn more about Geneverse and how we can bring protection and security to your family/household by visiting our website today.

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