Monitoring and Maintaining Your Solar Battery

When converting to solar, one of the first things you’ll need to do is learn how to properly monitor and maintain your battery.

Your battery is an essential part of your home energy system and plays an obviously critical role in saving excess energy for emergency use. The Geneverse PowerPillar ESS Battery Unit provides 5kWh of capacity and is expandable for up to 20kWh of usable energy storage. 

Staying on top of system maintenance will increase the longevity of your energy storage system while helping you get the most out of your investment. Keeping track of monitoring and routine maintenance will extend the life of your battery.

How to Maintain Your Battery

You can keep track of your battery levels with a battery meter or monitor. The PowerPillar ESS PowerPillar Mobile App keeps you updated when it comes to real-time power output and usage data. 

Our mobile app also allows you to own your power and control energy savings preferences, evaluate your personal home energy trends, not to mention prevent performance issues with alerts and support options. The PowerPillar Mobile App is compatible with iOS or Android devices. 

The PowerPillar Hybrid Inverter allows for parallel operation of three 20kWh battery towers for a maximum of 60kWh of home backup power. Making sure that your batteries are cycled and charged will keep your equipment running in tip-top shape.

Preventing Corrosion

Corrosion of terminals and cables can present an ugly nuisance to your energy storage system. Corrosion can cause unnecessary malfunction, resistance, not to mention potential hazards. 

You can apply non-hardening sealants to the metal parts of the battery terminals before assembly – of course, you’ll want to consult with your installer to ensure this is okay and does not void your warranty. You should be able to provide a protective coating to battery terminals, wire lugs, as well as any nuts and bolts.

Placing your battery over a floor drain or in a space without a floor will allow you to rinse your battery with water easily and regularly. Washing the battery around twice per year will help get rid of accumulated moisture (and acid spatter) in addition to any dust that might accumulate.

Temperature Moderation

Your battery will run at optimum capacity when placed in an area of moderate temperature. Avoid temperature extremities – too hot and too cold conditions can compromise battery performance. Avoid direct radiant heat sources, which can cause batteries to get warmer than desired.

Getting a Professional Involved

Besides staying on top of monitoring, cleaning, and keeping your battery in a safe, ventilated area, any other maintenance and repair work should be left to experienced professionals. Most solar energy system providers will not honor their warranty if anyone other than a certified/authorized repair service performs any sort of repair work.

The Most Cost-Efficient Energy Storage System on the Market

The PowerPillar ESS integrates solar power, battery storage, as well as grid and generator power sources to keep you and your household protected during emergencies and energy independent in your everyday life. Geneverse is here to help you get the most out of your energy storage investment – all at the most competitive pricing on the market.

About Geneverse: Geneverse is the most reliable and cost-efficient source for solar energy. Our PowerPillar ESS integrates solar power, battery storage, not to mention grid and generator power sources that help our customers get the most out of their energy storage investment – all at the most competitive pricing on the market. We craft complete home energy systems that power energy independence rain or shine in addition to portable solar products that provide decentralized power during emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Learn more about Geneverse and how we can bring protection and security to your family/household by visiting our website today.

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