Solar Power Environmental and Community Impact

As the United States becomes more and more concerned with renewable energy, more information is being gathered about solar energy and its environmental and community impact.

Whether you’re thinking about installing home solar or seeing solar farms being constructed in your state or area, it’s fair to wonder about how solar energy impacts the environment and surrounding communities. Below, Geneverse provides information about home solar, solar farms, and why both have garnered a huge amount of support.

Overwhelming Support for Solar/Renewable Energy

There seems to be bipartisan support among conservative and liberals surveyed regarding solar energy. The Washington Post cites a University of Maryland poll conducted that revealed 75% of Americans surveyed support solar panels – particularly in the form of solar panel fields built within their own communities. This data was compared with support for wind turbines (68%) and nuclear power plants (33%).

Despite majority support for solar power, there is still a small and vocal opposition, especially individuals who do not wish for the associated construction and activity happening in their own necks of the woods.

Opposing Views

Some individuals express discomfort for wind and solar energy development due to the belief that property values can be impacted in a negative way.

NPR recently published an article citing data from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conveying solar farms having a small impact on neighboring properties, reducing property values of homes located within half of a mile by about 1.5% on average. However, the same research conveys that solar farms had zero effect on properties located a mile away or more.

Conversely, when it comes to homes with solar, property values can often increase. Homes with solar energy systems enjoy increased appraisal values of 4.1% on average, according to Architectural Digest

The Shift to Renewable Energy

There is plenty of motivation for making the shift to renewable energy. The United States has the second largest greenhouse gas emissions with one quarter of our carbon dioxide emissions arising from electricity. In response to this, our current administration has set the goal of eliminating carbon pollution from the United States power sector by the year 2035. In order to achieve this goal, there would have to be an abrupt and massive shift away from fossil fuels.

A vast majority of Americans realize and recognize that renewable energy will play a critical role in reducing emissions, combating climate change, as well as reducing electricity grid reliance.

How Solar Can Benefit Your Community

A few ways solar energy can benefit communities include:

  • Job Creation – The solar industry creates job opportunities when it comes to manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.
  • Energy Independence – Home solar paired with battery storage helps homeowners take ownership of solar energy consumption and production and consumption, resulting in less reliance on the grid.
  • Increased Property Values – Homes equipped with solar power systems are often more attractive to prospective buyers. Home solar can also increase overall property tax revenue.
  • Community Engagement – Community solar projects can benefit surrounding households with single solar arrays, providing inclusivity. Solar installations also act as educational tools, providing knowledge regarding solar technology, green energy, and sustainability. 

Geneverse: Cost-Efficient Energy Storage

At Geneverse, we’re dedicated to providing reliable and renewable energy solutions for our customers. Our PowerPillar ESS is the most cost-efficient energy storage system on the market, benefiting homeowners and solar installers alike. If you’re ready to take the leap to true energy independence, Geneverse is the best place to begin.

About Geneverse: Geneverse is the most reliable and cost-efficient source for solar energy. Our PowerPillar ESS integrates solar power, battery storage, not to mention grid and generator power sources that help our customers get the most out of their energy storage investment – all at the most competitive pricing on the market. We craft complete home energy systems that power energy independence rain or shine in addition to portable solar products that provide decentralized power during emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Learn more about Geneverse and how we can bring protection and security to your family/household by visiting our website today.

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