Solar Power for Tiny Homes

You may have heard of tiny homes and you might even have a friend or relative who lives in one. As a matter of fact, maybe you’re even thinking about investing in a tiny home of some sort.

There are more than a few reasons why homeowners and those looking to purchase or build a home are rethinking old frameworks and looking for new solutions. For starters, tiny homes can bring in lofty cost savings, especially when compared to the price tag of larger spaces. Tiny homes are also much more energy-efficient than their larger predecessors – the small size of tiny homes typically eliminates the necessity of pricey climate control systems such as central air conditioning and heating.

Since we’re talking about energy efficiency, we’ll take it one step further in this article, which discusses the merits and practicality of powering a tiny home with solar energy.

How Many Watts Does A Tiny House Use?

Energy is measured in watts. Basically speaking, a watt is a measure of energy  which determines the quantity of power a device will consume over a specific period of time. Watt-hours measures how much power is consumed by a device or appliance over the course of an hour.

On average, a tiny house will use around 3-4kW of power over the course of a 24-hour day. Your solar power/energy storage system will need to supply your appliances with approximately 3-4kW or more. You can determine the total watts that your tiny house needs by calculating power requirements of each device you use and simply add them up. You should be able to find the wattage of your appliances on product labels.

Solar Powered Tiny House Vs. Solar Generator For Tiny House

A common question for those converting to solar is whether to invest in an energy storage system or a solar generator. The answer to this question depends on how much power you typically consume. If you don’t have many devices, appliances, or electronics, a powerful solar generator can feasibly meet your needs.

However, if your tiny home needs more power, it’s a good idea to invest in a solar powered tiny home. For instance, if you use more than 3000 watts of electricity, the best course of action is to connect multiple solar panels. 

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Power a Tiny Home?

On average, a common solar panel will produce 250 to 400 watts in an hour. To take it a step further, these 250-watt panels capturing sunlight for 8 hours will produce around 2000 watts each day. 

Typically speaking, the average tiny house needs around a dozen 400-watt panels to produce sufficient energy to power a household.

Factors to consider when purchasing solar panels include occupancy of the tiny home, panel quality, location, rooftop space, and power consumption.

Power Your Tiny Home with Geneverse!

One of the primary points of investing in a tiny home is to be efficient and to live in a more cost-effective way. That’s what Geneverse is all about. Our PowerPillar ESS is the most cost-efficient energy storage system available on the market. Grid-tied or off grid, Geneverse is here to power your life, rain or shine.

Our green energy solutions help our customers power their homes for good – no matter the size. Get in touch with Geneverse today to learn more about how the PowerPillar ESS can help you reach your green energy goals.

About Geneverse: Geneverse is the most reliable and cost-efficient source for solar energy. Our PowerPillar ESS integrates solar power, battery storage, not to mention grid and generator power sources that help our customers get the most out of their energy storage investment – all at the most competitive pricing on the market. We craft complete home energy systems that power energy independence rain or shine in addition to portable solar products that provide decentralized power during emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Learn more about Geneverse and how we can bring protection and security to your family/household by visiting our website today.

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