Texas Power Grid Concerns During Record-Setting Heatwave

Texas news sources are reporting that there could be some major consequences to sweltering summer temperatures beyond simply sweaty, humid discomfort. Two power grid authorities (both the Texas power grid operator and ERCOT) have stated that the current heatwave puts extra stress on the power grid.

When sources like the Electric Reliability Council of Texas start to express concerns about power grid failure, it’s a good idea to take heed.

Warnings from Weather Experts

Weather experts continue to stress that there is likely not going to be a break in high heat, at least in Texas, which means that Texas residents will likely be responding by running air conditioners day in, day out. AC happens to be the number one stressor on the grid during the summer months. To put the situation into further perspective, ERCOT has surpassed its record for most demand ever, a record that is likely to continue to be broken over the course of the summer season.

With 105 degree days continuing to be a reality, it’s important to have a plan in place in case of an emergency.

Texas residents in particular are aware of the consequences of a power grid failure, which actually happened in 2021. During the Texas power grid failure more than 4.5 million homes and businesses had to deal with life without power – some individuals were affected by this event over the course of several days.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Texas residents who were prepared for a power grid failure utilized generators to get the power they needed. However, gas-powered generators can present more than a few obstacles, including the fact that gas-powered generators cannot be used inside homes, garages, crawlspaces, or sheds due to deadly levels of carbon monoxide (CO) that can quickly and easily gather in closed spaces and linger for hours, even after the generator is done being used.

Gasoline, diesel, and natural gas generators are handy in times of crisis but have limitations. With gas-powered generators in particular, users will have to pay the cost of the generator itself while tacking on fuel costs.

Solar Generators During Times of Emergency

On the other hand, solar generators provide a reliable and renewable option during emergencies and can be utilized in everyday life as well.

Geneverse HomePower ONE and HomePower 2 units are easily recharged and do not require fuel fill-ups in order to operate them. You can also use Geneverse products in enclosed spaces without worrying about hazardous levels of carbon monoxide. Our products and solutions can help power your electronics, home appliances, and even crucial medical devices for up to 7 days on a single charge.

Many of our customers rely on our products to get them through emergencies that occur as the result of natural disasters and severe weather events. However, our products can be used rain or shine to power the lives and livelihoods of entire families, whether at home or during off-the-grid living.

While we hope for the best for Texas residents who could possibly be affected by another power grid failure, we’d like to encourage everyone to be ready for worst-case scenarios. One fantastic way to be prepared for anything that comes your way is to invest in a Geneverse solar generator today.

About Geneverse: Geneverse (formerly Generark) is the most reliable source of emergency backup power for your home and community. From the HomePower ONE power station providing portable access to electricity, to the SolarPower ONE as a source for recharging, never be disconnected from what matters most to you. Choose the size of Solar Generator perfect for you and your family. Learn more about how Geneverse and its industry-leading 5-year limited warranty can bring protection and security to your family on our website. Never face a power outage alone with a backup battery generator and solar panel from Geneverse.

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