NEM 3.0 for Solar Installers

NEM 3.0 (the third version of California’s Net Energy Metering policies) presents challenges and opportunities for homeowners and installation providers. This article will primarily focus on NEM 3.0 from the installer's standpoint.

Brief Overview of NEM 3.0

As discussed in a prior article about NEM 3.0, there are some key aspects that will change the way homeowners and solar power system installers facilitate and take advantage of solar energy.

Overall, it is true that NEM 3.0 entails a reduction in the net metering value of solar electricity. However, no new charges or fees are associated with NEM 3.0 (specifically solar taxes).

Under NEM 3.0, pairing solar with battery storage will be far more beneficial and help users achieve energy independence. Those who submitted an interconnection application before April 14, 2023, can be grandfathered into NEM 2.0 for 20 years. Those grandfathered into NEM 2.0 can also add battery storage while remaining on NEM 2.0.

Advantages for Installers

Projects in California will now be nearly all solar plus storage, which will not only increase the total value of the project but increase company revenues therein. Installers can sell rooftop solar while also having the option to conduct battery-only projects, which will expand installer services to the masses. 

NEM 3.0 has also received $900 million in new Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) funding approved by legislatures for those who take advantage of residential solar plus battery storage.


Although NEM 3.0 will entail a more complicated process from a sales, design, and installation standpoint, the result will be desirable to consumers. Driving battery storage in addition to solar will help your customers save money on their power bills while becoming less and less dependent on grid energy.

You can help your customers avoid back-feeding excess solar power, especially when that power is less valuable. Battery storage will allow homeowners to store solar power on-site -- power that can be fed into the home at night. In essence, this will drastically reduce the amount of power drawn from the grid during high-cost times of the day.

Each project may result in higher costs which may impact total sales, however, solar plus battery storage will now be attractive and available to more and more customers.

Initially, there may be logistic issues as there are more components from more distributors and manufacturers, but installers will adapt to new practices and protocols quickly to serve their customers.

Self-Consumption & Energy Independence

Installers can seize the opportunity to help their customers along the path of energy independence. Having solar plus battery storage will help customers rely less on grid power during peak hours of usage, helping them save money in the long term and the short term. 

During outages, blackouts, and emergencies, households with solar plus battery storage can seamlessly shift to stored power immediately and automatically. Pairing solar systems with a battery will also allow each homeowner to use their clean energy as they see fit.

Without battery storage, homeowners are susceptible to sending solar power to the grid during the day, not to mention drawing in unclean grid power at night. This is an excellent reason and opportunity to provide battery storage to customers to avoid this sort of scenario. 

Final Thoughts

When paired with battery storage, homeowners with solar can produce their clean energy all day every day. This is an amazing selling point for installers looking to provide their customers with quality products and services. 

Installers now have the opportunity to promote self-power with clean energy, boosting energy independence while simultaneously reducing reliance on grid power.

Adding just one battery to an existing solar system can increase the amount of solar energy consumed by homeowners by over 50% on a case-by-case basis while boosting property value

Now that NEM 3.0 gets underway, Geneverse is here to provide information, guidance, and a variety of products and solutions that will help you become energy independent.

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