Simple Ways to Reduce Your Own Carbon Footprint

When thinking about eco-friendliness and making a difference when it comes to our communities and the planet at large, we often get bogged down with substantial environmental problems that may be beyond our own control.

One way to combat any sort of frustration that can result from this line of thinking is to look for ways that we can reduce our own impact on the planet on an individual level.

When each of us takes measures to reduce our own impact on the environment, this can create a more significant change when it comes to the communities we live in as well as the planet we occupy. Below, Geneverse goes over ways individuals can reduce their carbon footprint on a daily basis.

Limit Wasteful Habits

Limiting and even doing away with wasteful habits is a big way we all can make an impact. Think of areas where you might be a little more extravagant than you’d like – this can include energy consumption, transportation, and limiting paper waste.

Another way to limit waste is to reuse certain household items and accouterments such as aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and storage bags. Instead of throwing these items away, you can wash and reuse them, if applicable.

Reducing time in the shower and being more frugal when it comes to water, electricity, and overall consumption is a surefire way to make a huge difference.

Reduce Energy Consumption

An important area where many people can reduce their carbon footprint is the energy consumption department. Unplugging appliances such as toasters and coffee makers when not in use can reduce energy consumption, not to mention lower your power bill. In most cases, being less wasteful will ultimately save you money.

Using certain appliances less and keeping them unplugged when not in use will also extend the life of said appliances, which will help you avoid having to purchase replacements down the road.

Another great way to reduce energy consumption is to invest in LED light bulbs. LED bulbs are energy efficient and provide longevity and brightness, not to mention lower your overall electricity costs. LEDs also require less power in order to produce high-level brightness while operating at a lower temperature. The average LED bulb can last around 25,000 hours.

The Scientific World Journal provides additional information and statistics regarding the benefits of LED light usage.

Keep Your Thermostat in Check

Although it may be comfortable to have your home or residence remain at 70 degrees during the winter and below this mark during the summer months, making some adjustments in this particular area will save you money and boost your eco-friendliness.

Not only this but there are a wide variety of hidden health benefits that come along with keeping your residence cooler during the winter months. Here’s an article that goes a little more in-depth on the subject.

According to SmartEnergy, gradually lowering your thermostat to 68 degrees during the colder months of the year can also save you around 3% on your monthly electric bill. 

Keeping your thermostat at around 72 degrees during the warmer summer months will also save you money and cut your energy consumption, not to mention lower the amount of stress you’re putting on the local power grid. 

Be Transportation Conscious

One way that human beings can have a tremendous impact on the environment is through travel consciousness. Whether it’s via automobile or airline, our travel habits can often have a large impact on the environment. Being a little more conscious of how often we’re driving and flying is a good way to reduce our carbon footprint on an individual level.

Limiting grocery store trips to once a week or once every two weeks in lieu of driving to the grocery store every day or two can make a significant impact. You’ll also save on gas and reduce fossil fuel consumption as well as reduce vehicle wear and tear. If you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle, you can cut energy consumption by driving around less and by economizing your vehicle use.

When it comes to travel, in lieu of taking more than a few short trips to far-off locales each year, reduce the number of trips you take and opt for extended vacations, which will reduce air miles. 

Taking public transportation when you can is another great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Another great way to be more environmentally conscious is to ride a bike in lieu of driving a car, especially when it comes to shorter distance travel.

Choose Green Energy

Lastly, another great way to reduce your carbon footprint is to make green energy purchases. For instance, when it comes to your backup power solution.

Gas generators may be useful in certain situations, but they require fuel and can only be used outdoors. Using a gas-powered generator indoors poses a significant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Choosing a solar generator over a gas-powered generator is one simple and effective way to go green and reduce your own carbon footprint in one fell swoop.

Geneverse solar generators are easy to use and provide a decentralized source of power during emergencies, everyday life, as well as everything in between. You can use your Geneverse indoors without having to worry about the toxic fumes that gas-powered generators produce.

You can charge your Geneverse via solar panel, which will lower your electric bill costs while reducing your carbon footprint.

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