How to Prepare for Summer Storms

The summer season has many pleasant connotations. As a result, summer storms often take us by surprise because we’re expecting nice weather.

Did you know thatsummer storms can consist of a variety of violent weather types? The result ends up being strong winds, thunder, lightning, heavy rains, and hail that can do serious property damage and even cause injuries. Not only that, summer storms can affect crops and livestock as well.

Air-Mass Thunderstorms

One type of summer storm you might run into are “air-mass thunderstorms.” Even though the name sounds fancy, air-mass thunderstorms occur in many temperate locales, frequently in areas that offer cool and unstable air. These types of conditions often follow passages of cold fronts from the ocean during the winter season.

Depending on where you live, you might experience thunderstorms during the summer season, which result from warm air at the ground level hovering underneath a colder layer above.

Other Types of Summer Storms

In addition to thunderstorms, you might also experience hail storms, ice storms, tornadoes, lightning, floods, flash floods, Derecho storms, blizzards, and othersevere weather conditions

During times of severe weather or when waiting out a summer storm at home, be careful to avoid standing or sitting around windows and electrical wiring as a safety measure. Have an exit plan if you have to leave the house if it is too dangerous to stay. Pay attention to local weather conditions and road conditions. Act according to your local recommendations with safety in mind.

Preparing for Summer Storms

It’s a good idea to have a plan for you and your family to execute during a summer storm or natural disaster.

If you can shelter in place, that is, if your home is safe to inhabit, you will want to pack plenty of nonperishable foods. Canned food, pasta, jerky, peanut butter, oatmeal, and other items with a long shelf life are always a safe bet. Make sure to keep a reserve of bottled water, preferably a two-week supply.

Create an emergency kit that consists of flashlights (and batteries in case the ones in the flashlights run out), candles, first aid kits, and any other items you consider crucial during a time of emergency.

Your Multi-Purpose Backup Energy Source

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